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Traveling concept

The tours we sell are so-called “fly drives”. A fly drive is a holiday package in which a flight, rental car and overnight stays are combined. Upon arrival to your destination a rental car will be ready for you. Singles, couples and groups are all welcome to join our tours. Our prices are calculated based on a double occupation of a room (twin or double bed). 

This type of holiday is rapidly gaining popularity abroad as it can easily be adapted to personal wishes. We are happy to introduce it to the Turkish market as well. The main advantage is that you have the freedom to travel at your own pace to places of your liking, while having expert advice and everything arranged upfront.

Fly drives are mainly suitable for active, flexible, adventurous, curious and conscious travellers. There will not be a tour guide to assist you on-site, although we do provide 24/7 online assistance. This type of traveling takes some courage, but you will see that it pays off: more freedom to ‘have it your way’ and a more profound cultural experience.

Besides fly drives, we are also developing traveling concepts for specific traveling niches. These won’t necessarily be round trips. A sneak preview: fly dive, fly yoga, fly wine, fly hike…



In order to keep our special tours affordable, we continuously look for the best deals. However, we will not compromise on comfort and safety. Therefore, where possible, we work with prominent airlines to take you to your destinations. We also fly domestically in some of the countries we travel in.

When getting to the airport in your destination, there will be a car at your disposal. The default car is 



The key word in our lodging selection is atmosphere. Wherever possible, we prefer authentic, atmospheric accommodation that reflects the culture, lifestyle and nature of the destination. We also prefer small-scale over large-scale accommodation, to provide for more personalised service. This type of lodges adds to the experience of your trip. You should not expect top-nodge, 5 star accommodation, but, once again, we do not compromise on comfort!



In our tours breakfasts are included. In the information packages we send upfront we also provide you with tips on where to have your lunches and dinners, which will be at your own expense.

Saatlerce rota planlamak, uçak bileti almak, araba kiralamak, otel rezervasyonu yapıp yapılacakları listelemek için daha az, seyahat etmek için daha çok vakit ayırın. 


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