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  • Unique and beautiful destinations
  • Atmospheric and experiential tours
  • Individual freedom to adjust your journey to meet your own needs
  • Affordable
  • Responsible tourism
  • An abundance of tourism expertise and experience
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We are a tour operator that offers out-of-the-ordinary and memorable trips to active, curious and open-minded people. Our tours are flexible to meet individual needs and are suitable for couples, families and groups alike.

We believe the world has a lot to offer beyond over-hyped mass-tourism destinations. By no means do we wish to deny the beauty of those places, but we rather let ourselves be surprised by unknown wonders than to be queuing up for hours to see something conventional. It’s because the world is full of hidden gems. We have seen many of them with our own eyes and want other people to feel the same we felt. We strive to offer our guests an unforgettable cultural experience with lasting value. All it takes is some courage and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Wander Lab Travel is a Dutch organisation taking adventurous travellers from Turkey to those hidden gems. It is run by a Turkish – Dutch couple that has lived in multiple and travelled in many more countries. It is our passion for and experience with traveling that have shaped our business concept. Our vision of traveling consists of five pillars: 

  • Indulgence, which means allowing yourself to step into a different world, and to surrender to unfamiliar surroundings. This also means a fair share of flexibility is needed.
  • Immersion, or actually becoming part of your new surroundings. It can maximise your cultural experience. This is very much related to indulgence as it takes similar amounts of open-mindedness and courage.
  • Sharing. 1+1 = 3 when traveling. Experiences are much more valuable when shared with others, whether you know them or not. Interaction is the key word here.
  • Discovery, as there is so much to be explored in this world. An open and curious stance will help you in breathing in impressions and discovering new things about a destination, or even about yourself.
  • Meaningfulness. Traveling means being a guest. This requires responsible and caring behaviour, which in turn can enrich your own as well as other people’s lives.
  • All journeys organised by Wander Lab are built around these pillars.

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